About the Maker


Slow-made art communicating stories from the earth & beyond through wood, fire, and paint

Hi there! My name is Raine. Welcome to my little space. 

My favorite stories are those told by the Earth. These are stories of growth, perseverance, and decay. Decay is just as important in nature as growth. Organisms such as fungi are present at the end of a life, but at the beginning of new life as well. Not only are fungi stewards of the land, but they interconnect life in the forest to create a shared consciousness. Living in the woodlands of Michigan has deepened my connection with all that grows here, down to the small lichens that live among our trees. Destruction, death, and decay - yet life goes on and is reborn again. The in-between states and the connections that form are where I like to venture, while blurring the boundary between the real and the imagined.

Each piece that you see in my shop is carefully wood burned or painted by hand (or both!). No lasers are used here. This means that every piece in my shop is unique and one of a kind. All wood is sourced from fallen branches / logs on my property, and also from upcycled wood. Each wood piece is hand cut / hand carved by my partner and I in our studio. 


Press / Featured:

Grand Rapids Art Prize 2021 (Decay & Rebirth)

Enchanted Living Magazine Autumn 2021 issue

Coffee & Cauldrons podcast (episode 12) August 2020

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On TikTok: rainealexandra

and twitter: @mothlichen


Thank you for stopping by!